Surgery Superspeciality MCH NEET SS Mock tests

NEET SS Practice MCQs  Anytimeccess

Test No. 12 Image Based, GI SUrgery , Urology and NeuroSurgery Images 

Mock Test 11  Urology from Sabiston, NeuroSurgery  Sabiston  Wound healing Skin tumors, Sarcomas from Sabiston, Bailey 1st 5 gen surgery chapters

Test no. 10  Breast , Liver Gall bladder CBD, Pediatric Surgery Bariatric Surgery

Test 9   All Image based Surgery Questions 

Test 8   Esophagus from Sabiston  , Plastic Surgery Chapter 69 Sabiston,  Bailey CTVS Trauma from Bailey 22, 23, 24,  Thyroid and Parathyroid from Bailey

 Test 7   Stomach from Sabiston,  Sabiston CTVS ,  Bailey Chapter 52 Adrenal and endocrine, Bailey Thorax, Sabiston 67 Peds surgery

Test 6   Sabiston  Small Intestine & Abdominal Wall, Chapter 55 Thorax Bailey ,  Chapter 11 , 12 Audit and Ethics ,  Chapter 16 Molecular Diagnosis,  Chapter 19 Nutrition Chapter 21 Day Care

Test 5   Topics Sabiston  Colon and Anal Canal,  Infection and Antibiotics Chapter 72- Surgery in Pregnancy Chapter 32 Soft tissue tumors Bailey Chapter 4. 7. 8  Stem cells, Robot , Lap Chapter 14 Diagnostic Modalities 

Test 4  ( Free) Topics Sabiston    Liver  Peri Op Management Chapter 9  Head and Neck  Chapter 34 Bailey  Infections Chapter 5-6,  Urethra Scrotum Penis, Wound Healing

Test 3  

 Test 2 

Test 1 

100 marks tests 

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