Q1.) Most common cause of acute mesenteric ischemia?

a) Atheromatous thrombus

b) Embolism


d) All equal

A1 a

AE arises frequently from cardiac sources, previously considered the most common cause of AMI, though recent studies show that AT is responsible for at least 50% of arterial AMI

Acute ischemia results most frequently from an embolic event severely limiting or occluding flow in the SMA. 

Acute SMA occlusion was responsible for 65% of the patients with AMI, whereas NOMI and mesenteric venous thrombosis each were responsible for 15% of the cases. Atrial arrhythmias with
atrial thrombus, post–myocardial-infarction ventricular thrombus, and valvular thrombus are all potential sources for emboli.

REF shackelford page 1028