General Surgery New pattern Test 4, March 22

NEET SS 22  test 4  is from selected topics of Bailey and Sabiston.

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Topics are
Bailey Scrotum and Testis, urethera
LIver from Sabiston
Sabiston chapter 10

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1. Q) Most common site for ectopic testis is ?


2.  58 year old diabetic male has been evaluated in PAC for colon cancer resection. His serum creatinine due to Diabetic Nephropathy is 2.1 

He is otherwise  ambulant and  has no other complaints. His ASA grade will be??


3.  65 year old male a case of carcinoma colon. 2 days back he also underwent balloon angioplasty for recent  MI. After how many days can he safely undergo colectomy?


4. Q) Most pathogenic Streptococcus is ?


5. Q) Suppurative infections are most commonly caused by


6. Q) A new born baby is diagnosed to have hypospadias. Which is the most severe form of hypospadias?


7. Q) A 56 year old worker falls astride on a scaffolding and suffers injury to the perineum. He can not void and has blood at the urinary meatus. Next step would be ?


8. A Child is born with haemophilia A. What will be the finding in his blood report?


9. Q) Which of the following is not a true statement regarding Blood supply to the liver


10. Q) 35 year old male with testicular tumor. Orchidectomy specimen on HPE shows oval cells with clear cytoplasm and large, rounded nuclei with prominent acidophilic nucleoli. This tumor will  have metastases mainly through??


11.  45 yr old male undergoes General Anesthesia  with isoflurane for bowel resection. He  develops tachycardia , fever , rhabdomyolysis and  30 mins after abdominal wall closure. Most probable diagnosis is ?


12. Q) A 50 year old cirrhotic patient presents with massive Upper GI bleed with hemodynamic instability. EVL has failed to control bleed. A sengstaken Blakmoore tube is inserted and patient becomes temporarily  hemodynamically stable. Next step?


13. Q) 46 year old lady with mandible excision for head and neck tumor. Which of the following flaps would you use to cover the defect?



14. Q) 61  year old male with HBV, CHILD C  Cirrhosis with HCC. CT shows 3  lesions, largest being 4 cm. Liver Transplant  can be done as per which criteria ?



15. Q) A 10 year old boy presents with Intestinal obstruction. ON CT there is complete block of small bowel with many curvilinear structures seen in the ileum and. Next step?


16. Q) 18 months old male baby with soft cystic selling in posterior triangle of neck. It is brilliantly illuminating 

This is ?



17. Q) Mucoepidermoid carcinoma of  deep lobe of parotid. Facial nerve is spared. Best management would be ?


18. Q) All are seen more in ameobic liver abscess than pyogenic liver abscess except?


19. Q) Which of the following is a selective shunt?


20. Q) Highest risk of Pseudomembranous colitis is with the use of which class of antibiotics



21. Q) Pus discharge along wound more than 2 cm falls under which grade of Southampton scoring system




22. Q) 45 year old male with fungating, 3 cm mass tip of penis. Which of the following is true about ca penis ?


23. Q) Which of the following regarding lymphatic spread in head and neck cancers is not true?


24. Q) Which drug is not a part of “Extreme”Trial in head and neck cancer recurrence ?


25. Q) 16 months old male child presents with10 cm liver mass which has been increasing. There is no unusual symptoms apart from that and growth is normal. Diagnosis of Hepatoblastoma is made on imaging, There is no metastasis. How will you manage the patient?


26. Q) What is seen in split thickness graft as compared to full thickness graft ?




27. Q) A 3 day old baby develops dyspneoa. A chest x-ray is performed and shows a radio-opaque shadow with an air-fluid
level in the chest. It is located immediately anterior to the 6th hemivertebra. Which of the following is the most likely
underlying diagnosis?


28. Q) A 38 year old lady presents with right upper quadrant pain and nausea. She is otherwise well. Her liver function tests are normal. An ultrasound examination demonstrates a hyperechoic well defined lesion in the left lobe of the liver which
measures 14 cm in diameter. Diagnosis?


29. Q) Full thickness skin loss without erosion of underlying fascia is which degree of pressure sore ?


30. Q) Which is not an effective treatment option for hypertrophic scar?


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