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General Surgery

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Systemic inflammatory response syndrome following major injury

 initially by proinflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL-1, IL-6 and TNFα)

 followed rapidly by increased plasma levels of cytokine antagonists and soluble receptors (e.g. IL-1Ra, TNF-sR)

 Koch’s postulates

It must be found in every case

It should be possible to isolate it from the host and grow it in culture 

It should reproduce the disease when injected into another healthy host

It should be recovered from an experimentally infected host


Two of: hyperthermia (>38°C) or hypothermia (<36°C)

tachycardia (>90/min, no β-blockers) or tachypnoea (>20/min)

white cell count >12 × 109/litre or <4 × 109/litre



Absolute contraindications

Ocular metallic foreign bodies

Pacemakers Cochlear implants

Cranial aneurysm clips ●●

Relative contraindications

First trimester of pregnancy

Claustrophobia ●●

Long scan times so patients may not be able to keep still, especially if in pain ●

Limited availability ●● Expensive

A keloid scar is defined as excessive scar tissue that extends beyond the boundaries of the original incision or wound

The histology of both hypertrophic and keloid scars shows excess collagen with hypervascularity, but this is more marked in keloids where there is more type III collagen

Sutures, Material and Degradation times