How to study for NEET SS 2021 Preparation

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NEET SS 2021 Preparation

Should you really spend Lakhs of Rupees on NEET SS preparation

or a few pennies to coach yourself

Last Year in 2020, the NBE, NEET SS exam had to be conducted in September due to the COVID Pandemic and it disturbed the preparation of many candidates. Many of you asked me the best way to prepare for NEET SS 2021 especially in GI Surgery and Onco Surgery and I have written on various platforms about that.

One thing that has stood out for me and the aspirants on my site over a period of time is that, most of you only need a direction and a motivation. You do not need to spend a fortune going for coaching classes and video lectures. 

Today, this discussion is about the need for NEET SS coaching, Do you really need it at this level or you just need a little bit of mentoring telling you what to read or what to leave.  Which topics from which books to be read and stuff to be omitted. In the end it all comes to time management.

Studying becomes valuable when you can remember what you’ve learned so you can apply it where you most likely need it.

How to study for NEET SS 21

Lets talk about the NEET SS exam pattern first

Lets talk about the NEET SS exam pattern first

  1. It Includes a 60 mark specialty and a 40 mark general Surgery paper
  2. In Onco Surgery paper, gynae, ortho and ENT questions would be asked, 
  3. 25 % negative marks are deducted for each wrong answer so you have to be careful with all choices
  4. Its a computer based test and not that hard to take

What all can you do to help yourself

  1. Start as early as possible, ideally by 2nd year of post graduation, you should have an idea of the types of questions which are asked in NEET exam. All old questions are here. Dr Kush secured a rank in 1st 5 in GI surgery in NEET 2020 in his first attempt. Here is his strategy. He was totally motivated with self study and with a little bit of help with whatsapp group discussions, cracked the coveted exam in the 1st attempt.
  2. Keep taking the help of Seniors and Mentors. Guys who have cracked the exams or have been studying for some time. They can guide you to study the right way.
  3. Keep doing as many MCQs as possible. MCqs are different from the day to day theory you read. They are concept forming. You get to know why one choice is right or wrong. By doing MCqs you grasp the subject and  get a feel of the topic. Mock tests are great way to test yourself. You not only get an examination like feel but also know where you stand. Take a look at all these mock tests, 1st  general surgery mock test is free and see the quality of questions and explanations.

How much time does it take to crack the NEET SS

Simple answer is average 1-2 years but again you know it depends on a lot of things like your level of preparation in PG, which unit you are working, if you are only studying at home but focused study should not take more than 2 years and average 1-1.5 years. Keep giving exams like AIIMS, JIPMER and others to get a that exam feeling.


First of all, know your syllabus well. (What will you have to study?)

Then decide, from where will you study? (The study material)

Then, prepare a study plan and start studying

Then give tests. Online and offline both. (These days lots of mcq practice sites have come up, Research well and stay away from bogus ones which copy material from others) 

Ask for mentorship 

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