NeuroSurgery MCQ

Q1. ) Premature closure of metopic sutures lead to 

a) Trigonocephaly

b) Scapocephaly

c) Brachycephaly

d) Dolichocephaly

A 1) a

Metopic suture is a type of calvarial suture  associated with frontal sinus agenesis. 

A premature fusion of the suture is termed metopic synostosis (type of craniosynostosis) with can then result in trigonocephaly

Trigonocephaly means- a congenital condition of premature fusion of the metopic suture (from Greek metopon, "forehead"), leading to a triangular shaped forehead. The merging of the two frontal bones leads to transverse growth restriction and parallel growth expansion.

Scaphocephaly is a type of cephalic disorder which occurs when there is a premature fusion of the sagittal suture.

Brachycephaly is a condition found in babies and infants which is characterised by a flattened area at the back of the skull.

Dolichocephaly  is a condition where the head is longer than would be expected,  relative to its width. In humans, scaphocephaly is a form of dolichocephaly.