Onco MCQs Misclleneous

Q1) For carcinoma of unknown primary with no lesion found on clinical examination,

A.blind biopsies detect primary 40% times

B.tonsillectomies find primary 20% times

c.PET find primary 60% times

d.CXR finds primary 20% times


PET is more sensitive than CT in identifying the primary lesion but cannot detect unknown primary tumors with more than 50% sensitivity

Q2. Not a definition under RECIST criteria,

a.>20mm , on CXR

b.>10mm , on CT,5mm cuts

c.>20mm , on USG

d.>20mm , on CT,10mm cuts

Ans d

Measurable Tumour lesions: Must be accurately measured in at least one dimension (longest diameter in the plane of measurement is
to be recorded) with a minimum size of:
• 10 mm by CT scan (CT scan slice thickness no greater than 5 mm) 
• 10 mm caliper measurement by clinical exam (lesions which cannot be accurately measured with calipers should be recorded as non-measurable).
• 20 mm by chest X-ray

lymph node must be P15 mm in short axis when assessed by CT scan (CT scan slice thickness
recommended to be no greater than 5 mm)

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