Onco Surgery AIIMS 2019 General part

General Surgery MCQs froms onco MCH

Q1-10 Aiims Nov 19 Onco


Q11 Not a branch of facial nerve?

a) greater auricular nerve

b) Post Auricular nerve

c) Chorda tympani

d) nerve to Stapedius

Q12) Nasal septum is not formed by
A. Ethmoid
B. Lacrimal
C. Sphenoid
D. Palatine. 

12) b Lacrimal

Ethmoid bone forms the major part of nasal septum. It comprises of Crista galli, perpendicular plate and cribriform plate.


Q13) Park formula is for ?

Ans Burns

Q14) Clavien Dindo classification  is for 

Ans - Post op complications

Q15) Incidence of Non recurrent laryngeal nerve

Ans Less than 1%

Q16) Type I cell death is 


Q17) Paraganglionoma and chemodectoma is seen in

a) Carotid space

b) Prevertebral space

c) Parapharyngeal Space

d) Masticator space

Ortho MCQS

Q15) Syme's amputation is done through which bone?

Ans- calcaneum