Onco Surgery Skin

Q1)) Most important prognostic marker in malignant melanoma?

a) Size

b) Thickness

Q2. What is not true about dermatofibroma Protuberans

a) It arises from the fibroblasts

b) Highly malignant

Q) True about merkel cell carcinoma
A) .Radioresitant
B) Adjuvant  RT decreases local recurrence and improves survival
c)RT used only for palliation
d.RT is the main modality of treatment

Ans b

It is radio sensitive

If the SLN is positive, adjuvant radiation to the nodal basin after CLND may decrease the rate of regional recurrence and improve overall survival.(sabiston page 750) 

Adjuvant radiation therapy to the primary tumor site may be beneficial and should be considered in specific cases; it may be appropriate for low-risk patients with a small primary tumor (less than 1 cm) and no other adverse risk factors (such as immunosuppression or lymphovascular invasion).

Main modality is surgery

Q4) What is the correct regarding squamous cell carcinoma?

A)Chronic healing wound is a risk factor.

B)Bowen's disease does not have a risk of malignant transformation.

C)In situ disease present as slightly pink or skin coloured raised plaques.

D)Imiquimod is not used as a treatment option.