Oncosurgery Lung and thorax

Online Super Specialty questions on Lung, Thorax and Mediastinum

Q) Paraneoplastic syndrome with small cellĀ  lung carcinoma


b) Cushings

c) Hypercalcemia

Q) 4X 4 cm mass in anterior mediastinum in a 45 years old male will most probably be
A. Thymoma
B. Lymphoma
C. Neurogenic tumor
D. Bronchial cysts

Q3) Most common germ-cell tumour of mediastinum is
A. Seminoma
C. Teratoma
D. Choriocarcinoma

Q4) 50-year-old male with 1 x1 cm mass in the Peripheral part of the right lung was resected with clear margins. histopathology was suggestive of Adenocarcinoma and there was no lymph nodes positive what will be the further management
A. Observe
B. Adjuvant RT
C. Adjuvant CT
D. EGFR testing

Q5) All are true about squamous cell carcinoma of lung except?

a) Central lesion

b) Most areĀ  Cavitatory lesion

c) Associated with smoking

d) Worst prognosis

Q6 ) All are true about pulmonary carcinoid except?

a) Atypical carcinoid is more common

b) Surgery is done with curative intent

c) Atypical carcinoids are peripheral

d) Typical carcinoids have lymph node metastasis and require lymphadenectomy