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Onco surgery MCH  MCQS

Q1. ) Not used in metastatic renal cancer
a) Interferon.
b) Sunitinib
c) Tamoxifen
d) Medroxy progesterone

Ans tamoxifen

Q2. Soft Tissue Sarcome  with tumor margin postive what is Treatment
1. Resection
3. Radiation 

Ans a


Re resection with tumor margins of 1 cm improves survival. In situations where resection can lead to deformity, options have to be weighed against multimodality therapy.

Q3. False about Paget disease  classificatn in TNM
1. Paget without DCIS  is Tis
2. Paget with DCIS  is Tis
3. Paget with underlying tumor classified as per tumor
4. Involvement of skin and nipple is stage 4

Ans -

Paget’s disease of the nipple NOT associated with invasive carcinoma and/or carcinoma in situ (DCIS
and/or LCIS) in the underlying breast parenchyma. Carcinomas in the breast parenchyma associated with Paget’s disease are categorized based on the size and characteristics of the parenchymal disease,malthough the presence of Paget’s disease should still
be noted

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