Oncosurgery MCQS MCH NEET 2019 Q 1-27

Onco surgery MCH  MCQS 2019

NEET 2019 Onco Q 31-60

Q1. ) Not used in metastatic renal cancer
a) Interferon.
b) Sunitinib
c) Tamoxifen
d) Medroxy progesterone


Q2. Soft Tissue Sarcoma  with tumor margin positive what is Treatment
1. Re- Resection
3. Radiation 


Q3. False about Paget disease  classificatn in TNM
1. Paget without DCIS  is Tis
2. Paget with DCIS  is Tis
3. Paget with underlying tumor classified as per tumor
4. Involvement of skin and nipple is stage 4

Q 4.  About oncotype  Dx Score

a)  21 gene recurrence score
b)  Adding size improves score
c) Poor response to chemo with increasing  score



Q 5 . Lymph node stations in stomach

Hepatoduodenal  12

Subpyloric 6

Q 6. Which is not envoirnmental risk factor for colon ca
a. high calcium diet
b. high calorie diet
c. high red meat
d. excess alcohol

Q7)  For Superficial radiation. which is most commonly used
a)  electron
b) neutron

Q8)   Site for squamous papilloma of esophagus 
b middle
c distal

Q9  xray of radius in 45 yr old female
Ans giant cell tumor more than aneurysmal cyst

Q10) . How many quadrants are there  in PCI index?
a) 12
b)  11

c) 13
d) 10

Q11) . Which is not correct in breast cancer
1. Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia  is not considered as Tis
2. LCIS is considered as Tis

Ans b 

LCIS is not considered Tis. It is an indicator of increased risk of breast cancer. The risk is 1% per year.

Q12) Optimal duration of  tamoxifen in premenstrual women
a. 5 yrs
b. 10 yrs

c 3

d 15

Q13) According to SENTINA trial how many minimum sentinel lymph nodes to be removed (Onco 2019)
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

14)  yrs old child bone tumor with sunray appearance
a. osteosarcoma
b . Ewing sarcoma


15) Moth eaten appearance seen in

Ans - Ewing Sarcoma

16) Location of BRCA1  gene

a) 13p

b) 13 q

c) 17 p

d) 17 q


Q 17 ) Anal Carcinoma  involvement of external iliac group of lymph nodes
a. Stage II
b. Stage III a
c. Stage III b