Best online Surgery SS Questions

Best Surgery SS Questions


Looking for the best surgery questions resources online? You can start here! These are surgery exam questions which come with answers and explanations. USeful for NEET SS, HAAD, DHA

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Schwartz's Principles of Surgery ABSITE and Board Review, 10/e


NEET SS  (2018)

Misc mixed questions (1-5)  Q6-10   11-20 (General Surgery)   21-30 (liver)


Q1) What is false regarding a keloid?

a) Keloids contain type IV collagen on histology
b) They extend beyond the boundaries of the incision

c) Keloids are common on the trunk and face

d) Most of them are refractory to medical and surgical treatment

Q2. True statement about pre operative skin preparation

a) Hair removal should be done with razors

b) Pre operative shaving should be done 1 hour prior to surgery

c) One application of alcoholic antiseptic is adequate 

d) Use of incision drapes has reduced Surgical site infection rates drastically

Q3, Not a facial node

a) Submental

b) Submandibular

c) Buccinator

d) Infra orbital

Q4 ) Which is the strongest layer of the intestine?

a) Mucosa

b) Submucosa

c) Muscularis propria

d) Muscularis mucosa

Q5) Which is false about crystalloid solutions?
A. NS has Sodium 154 meq/l
B. NS has Chloride 154 mEq/l
C. RL contains Lactate but doesn’t contain calcium
D. RL contains sodium potassium calcium and lactate

MIsc question

Q . Restrictive strategy of transfusion in acute GI bleed  all are true except?
A. Should be started at a hemoglobin < 7 g/dl
B. Will not alter the risk of rebleed

C.  Child A and B patients had significantly lower morbidity