Skin Grafting

Q) Skin Grafting is healing by 

a) Primary Intention

b) Secondary intention

c) Tertiary Intention

d) None of the above

Questions on Wound Healing

Ans c

Delayed primary closure, or tertiary intention, is utilised when there is a high probability of the wound being infected.

The wound is left open for a few days and, provided any infective process has resolved, the
wound is closed to heal by primary intention.

Skin grafting is another form of tertiary intention healing

Necrotising Infections

Q)  Least common Signs or symptoms of necrotising infections is
a) Unusual pain
b) Oedema beyond area of erythema
c) Crepitus
d) Fever

( MCQS on infections bailey and Sabiston based) 

Ans d 

Fever is unusual

Signs and symptoms of necrotising infections
● Unusual pain
● Oedema beyond area of erythema
● Crepitus
● Skin blistering
● Fever (often absent)
● Greyish drainage (‘dishwater pus’)
● Pink/orange skin staining
● Focal skin gangrene (late sign)
● Shock, coagulopathy and multiorgan failure

Ref Bailey 27th page 30