Crohn Disease of Duodenum

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Q) In Crohns  disease of duodenum , patient has a duodenal abscess which is  drained. He develops a fistula with  ileal communication. Surgery with the least chance of success would be

a. Ileal reaction and duodenal bypass

b. Ileal resection an dudodenal HMplasty
c. Ileal freshen and closure
d. Duodenum vertical closure

Pressure Sores

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Q) Frequency of order of pressure sores (Click for more general Surgery MCQs) 

A. Heel>occiput>malleolus>greater trochanter

B. Ischium>sacrum>greater trochanter>heel

C. Malleolus>ischium>greater trochanter>occipital

D. Ischium>greater trochanter>sacrum>heel


This is a very simple question which is often answered incorrectly.

Pressure sore frequency in descending order

1. Ischium
2. Greater trochanter
3. Sacrum
4. Heel
5. Malleolus (lateral>medial)
6. Occiput

Bailey summary box 3.5 page 29