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Pancreatic Carcinoma


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Endocrine tumor


Q41 ) Pancreatic adenocarcinoma genetic risk factors least responsible is ? ( AIIMS GI 2020) 
a) Peutz jeghers syndrome
b) Hereditary pancreatitis
c) FAMMM syndrome 

d) Cowden 

Ans 41  d)

Hereditary pancreatitis ( PRSS1 responsible for 80% of herditray pancreatitis)

PJS - risk of pancreatic cancer is 100 times moe than unaffected individuals

FAMMM ( CDKN2A) - risk of pancreatic cancer is 20 times more than in unaffected individulas

Q 42) Not true about pancreatectomy?

a) Antecolic reconstruction slows gastric emptying.

b) Drains are routinely used after pancreatic resections and currently standard of care.

c) Drains increase infections and prolong hospital stay.

d) Presence of drain fails to reduce the need for interventional radiology.