Pediatric Surgery – General

Q) Which of the following is not true as compared to adults

a) Infant head is 20% of body surface area

b) In infants transverse supra umbilical incisions give better access than vertical

c) Umbilicus is superiorly placed

d) Rib fracture is rare

Ans c 

Infants and small children have a wide abdomen, a broad costal margin and a shallow pelvis so supra umbilical transverse incision is better

Statement a is correct

Ribs are horizontal and flexible so rib injury is rare

Umbilicus is low lying

REf BAiley page 119

Q) Inguinal hernia in children, identify the wrong statement

a) More common in boys

b) more on right side

c) they are indirect

d) 50% are bilateral

Ans d

15% are bilateral

Inguinal hernias in children are almost always indirect and due to a patent processus vaginalis.

It is associated with prematurity

Bailey page 124

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