Plastic Surgery 46-60


Q 46) First stage of healing in a skin graft is
a. Revascularisation
b. Inosculation
c. Imbibition
d. None of the above

Ans c

Imbibtion is the 1st stage in 24-48 hrs. It involves fibrin formation between the graft and bed

After 48 hours - Inosculation  by which time new capillary buds develop

3rd stage is revasularization

Q 47) Primary symptom in De Quervain’s tenosynovitis is pain in the:
a. Radial wrist
b. Ulnar wrist
c. Dorsal wrist
d. Volar wrist

Ans a 

Radial wrist pain

DE Quervain's disease is tenosynovitis of Abductor Pollicis Longus and Extensor pollicis bravis in the 1st dorsal wrist  extensor compartment

It is characterized by radial wrist pain, tenderness, swelling and positive Finklestein test 

Q 48) True about Trigonocephaly is all except:
a. Premature fusion of metopic suture
b. Triangle shape head
c. Hypertelorism

d. Developmental delay

Ans c Its Hypotelorism

Ref Bailey Table 43.6


Trigonocephaly  is a type of craniosyntosis. Craniosynostosis is the premature fusion of one (simple craniosynostosis) or more (complex craniosynostosis) cranial sutures, preventing growth perpendicular to the suture. 

In Trigonocephaly, Metopic suture is involved and clinically there is triangle shaped head.

Syndromic craniosynostosis, often associated with abnormalities of the fibroblast growth factor receptor genes, is accompanied by developmental delay and other abnormalities.

Patients often have hypotelorism, strabismus, and upslanting palpebral fissures (this is sometimes referred to as the trigonocephalic "sequence").

Ref G& S page 226



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