Plastic Surgery Q25-35

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25 ) Wrong combination among options
a) Hydrogel-aquasorb &hydrosorb
b)Hydrocolloid – duoderm
c)Foam – Mepilex
d)Alginites – Tegaderm

Ans D
Types of dressings
1)Non occlusive : Gauze
2) Semiocclusive : Tegaderm
3) Hydrogel : Aquasorb ,Hydrosorb
4) Hydrocolloid : Duoderm
5)Foam : Mepilex
6) Alginites : Algiderm

26 )Human bite wounds are contaminated by
A)Strp pyogenes
b) pseudomonas
c)Eiknella corrodons
d)Pasturella multiocida

Ans : C
Human bite wounds are contaminated by Eikenella corrodens
S.aureus, Eikenella corrodens and anaerobes.
Cat bite wounds are also contaminated by Pasteurella multocida

27 ) Sebaceous glands located at
c)subcutaneous fat

ans b

Skin: Composed of epidermis and dermis
1. Epidermis: 5% of skin thickness
2. Dermis: 95% of skin thickness, contains sebaceous glands
Subcutaneous fat: Deep to dermis, contains hair follicles and sweat glands

28) Order of appearance of cells in wound healing
f)endothelial cells

A)a b c d e f
B)a b e c f d
C) b a e c f d
D) a c b e d f

Ans B
Platelets → Neutophils → keratinocytes → macrophages →Endothelial cells →
(REF : Michigan manual)

29 )Normal ankle brachial index(ABI)
a) 0.9 to 1.2
b) > 1.2
c) 0.5 to 0.8
d) < 0.5

ans a
>1.2: Calcified vessels (e.g., diabetes)
0.9 to 1.2: Normal
0.5 to 0.9: Mixed arterial/venous disease
<0.5: Critical stenosis, symptomatic claudication
<0.2: Ischemia and gangrene

30 )In preop evaluation before placing skin graft over wounded area…bacterial colony count must be less than
a) 10000
b) 100000
c) 1000000
d) 10000000

ans a

Prerequisites for skin grafting:
The recipient site should be assessed for potential bacterial load, blood supply,
presence of devitalized tissue, and exposed vital structures.
Donor site availability
Perform recipient site tissue culture if history or concern for infection (counts <105
CFU/g tissue for most pathogens required before grafting).
Presence of group a beta heamolytic streptococci is absolute contraindication for
skin grafting

31) Donor sites for skin grafting
a)anterolateral thigh
b)abdomen and back
c)upper inner arm
d)all of the above

ans d
skin graft donor site :
a. Location based on patient preference for location of scar, ease of donor site care,
anticipated match of donor skin to recipient site, and availability of sufficient
quantity of tissue.
b. Typical sites: Anterolateral thigh, back, abdomen, upper inner arm, and scalp
c. Heals spontaneously by reepithelialization from epidermal appendages in
residual dermis