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Q 61 Multiple fascicles grouped together are covered by which layer?

  1. Perineurium
  2. Epineurium
  3. Endoneurium
  4. Mesoneurium

Answer 61 B

The endoneurium is the innermost layer of loose connective tissue that surrounds individual axons and their supporting Schwann cells to provide nourishment through microvessels. The perineurium serves to bundle axons together to form fascicles and is a major contributor to peripheral nerve tensile strength. A fascicular group consists of two or more fascicles surrounded by perineurium. The internal epineurium is the connective tissue that envelops individual fascicles and group fascicles. The epineurium is the outermost layer and is the tissue that defines an anatomically distinct peripheral nerve. Finally, the mesoneurium is a thin layer of loose areolar tissue that connects the peripheral nerve to surrounding structures and permits smooth gliding during bodily movements

Question is asking grouping together of fascicles which is by epineurium. Fibers are grouped together in fascicles by perineurium.

Grabb and smith 8th edition pdf page 337

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