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Complications of short bowel syndrome include peptic
ulceration related to gastric hypersecretion, cholelithiasis
because of interruption of the enterohepatic cycle of bile
salts and hyperoxaluria as a result of the increased absorption
of oxalate in the colon predisposing to renal stones. Some
patients with short bowel syndrome develop a syndrome of
slurred speech, ataxia and altered affect. The cause of this syndrome is fermentation of malabsorbed carbohydrates in the
colon to d-lactate and absorption of this metabolite. Treatment necessitates the use of a low carbohydrate diet.

Bailey page 283

Ulcers larger
than 2 cm, posterior duodenal ulcers, and gastric ulcers have
significantly higher risk of rebleeding.

sabiston page 1144

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