MCH recent GI Questions

Questions in NEET 2019 MCH Gastro

Q)  Type 3 haggitt classification is 

a) Invades through muscularis mucosa into submucosa in the head of polyp

b) Invades to neck of polyp

c) Any part of stalk

d) below the stalk

Q2.  Esophagus varices treatment. All are true except

a) Sclerotherapy is preferred over banding
b) 3mm conservatives treatment  beta blockers

Q3. Extra peritoneal bladder rupture

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Q4. Pyogenic lymphadenitis children

Q5. Length of myotomy

Q6. Management of distal splenic artery aneurysm

Q7. Image of panreas calcification on x ray

Q8.  Unresectable head of pan ca ..with obstructive jaundice...which palliative done?

Q9. Contraindication of TIPS are all except

a) CHF

b) Polycystic liver disease

c) portal vein thrombosis

Q10. Types of short bowel syndrome

Q11. Lymphoma of gut

Q12 Total no. Of lymph nodes to be removed in D2 gastrectomy

A) 15

Q13. splenic hemangioma inv of choice
1. MRI with gadolinium
2. CT

Q14 Mucinous  cystic neoplasm, all are true except
1.Most common
2. Low amylase
3. Eneucation
4. Observation after resection for 2 year

Q15) Choledochal cyst III, treatment

A) partial hepatic resection
B) choledochojejunostomy
C) transuodenal excision
D) endoscopic drainage

16) Question on Diverticulosis with walled off pelvic abscess treatment?
A.Percutaneous Guided Drainage
B.Per rectal drainage

17) Restrictive bariatric  procedure all except?
Lap adj banding
Vertical gastroplasty

18) False abt intestinal TB
1.hyperplastic variety has colonic strictures
2.raised markers,anaemia,positive sputum culture point towards diagnosis
3.bmft shows pulled up cecum
4.IFN gamma assay

Q 19 retrorectal mass is present and what eludes resection

Internal iliac,

b/l s3 nerve involvement
Right s3 and left S3

20) Lynch syndrome
Endometrial and ovary
Endometrial and

21) TNM stage in colon ca lymph nodes first positive in which stage
Ans. stage IIIA

22) Treatment of choice for UC with

Q 23 BCS true is

a) Hepatic venography needed for diagnosis

b) Triad of pain hepatomegaly and jaundice

c) Mesocaval graft thrombosis precludes liver transplant

d) In IVC  stenosis, splenorenal shunt can be used


Q 24  About post operative  pancreatic fistula, true is

a) 65-85% after surgery

b) Amylase more than 3 times serum level

c) All cases of POPF for distal pancreatectomy needs revision exploration..

d) Majority needs re exploration


Q 25) Young 24 year old male after blunt trauma underwent exploration and resection anastomosis of jejunum. On the 3rd post op day he is found to have abdomen distention. and vomiting

X-ray abdomen image.
Classic of acute gastric dilatation

Q26) In juvenile polyposis coli, all true except

a)  SMAD 4 mutation
b)  No risk of cancer
c) Polyps most common in ileum
d)  Autosomal Dominant with high penetrance

Ans) c

Juvenile polyposis is an autosomal dominant syndrome with high penetrance that carries an increased risk for both GI and extraintestinal cancer.

C/F bleeding, intussusception, or hypoalbuminemia associated with protein loss through the intestine.

More than 10 polyps in colon but can occur in any part of gi system


Poylps can be hamartomas or adenomas

Genes associated with JPC

BMPRIA 10q21-q22 

SMAD4/DPC4 18q21.1

It is associated with Juvenile polyps of the gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal malignant neoplasms 

Malignant potential of at least 10% in patients with multiple juvenile polyps