Recurrent Pyogenic Cholangitis (RPC)

Q) Which statement is not true about  recurrent pyogenic cholangitis :

a) Mostly there are intrahepatic strictures with involvement of the left side duct

b) It can present as choledocho duodenal fistula

c) There is complete biliary obstruction which  leads to marked jaundice and pruritis

d) MRCP and other other cholangiography can be diagnostic

Answer c

In recurrent pyogenic cholangitis (RPC)  complete obstruction does not occur and jaundice and pruritis is not marked. 

RPC is a disease commonly seen in young Asians (also known as oriental cholangiohepatitis) which leads to multiple strictures in extra or intrahepatic ducts.

Men and women are equally affected, and, historically, the disease strikes at an early age (20–40 years) in patients from lower socioeconomic classes. ( Sabiston 21st edition page 1461)

Cause for recurrent pyogenic cholangitis

Association with Ascaris lumbricoides and Clonorchis sinensis has been noted.

Stones and strictures

Clinical Presentation  of Recurrent pyogenic Cholangitis 

It can present as choledocholithiasis  with stricture, choledochoduodenal fistula, acute pancreatitis, secondary biliary cirrhosis and can lead to cholangiocarcinoma.

Radiology for Recurrent Pyogenic Cholangitis 

MRCP can be diagnostic and is preferred because of its non invasive nature.

Surgical treatment 

Goal is to clear the biliary tree and to bypass or resect the strictures

Options are 

CBD exploration


Partial liver resections