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Q) Which one of the following is not included in qSOFA score?

a) Resp rate
b) Altered sensorium
c) Systolic BP
d) Urine output

Ans D Urine output is not included

Q sofa includes Respiratory rate ≥22
Altered mental status
Systolic blood pressure ≤100 mm Hg

SOFA stands for Sequential organ failure assessment. Original SOFA score included Respiratory, Liver, coagulation, CVS, CNS and Renal Systems

Q sofa means Quick assesment

Sabiston 21st page 63

Q2. Score which is used to asses both nutritional status and severity of disease
a) Perioperative nutrition screening
c) Mini Nutrition Assessment

Ans d

Nutrition Risk Screening (NRS 2002) and the Nutrition Assessment in Critically Ill (NUTRIC) scores are currently
the only two scores that take into account the severity of disease as well as nutritional factors
 Other scores such as the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool,  the Mini Nutritional Assessment, and the newer Perioperative Nutrition Screen  only take into account current nutritional status.

Sabiston 21st  page  103

Q) Harris benedict equation components are all except

a) Height

b) Weight

c) Age

d) Bmi

Ans D

Harris Benedict equation gives resting energy expenditure.

Calculation is different in males and females

Men : REE = 66 . 5 + 13.75 × Weight kg + 5.003 × Height [cm] − 6.755 × Age [years]

Women : REE = 655 . 1 + 9.563 × Weight kg+ 1.85 × Height [cm] − 4.676 × Age [years]

Sabiston 21st  page  105

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