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Question 1. What is this site and what's its purpose?

Answer: This is a site for  post graduates /students/teachers  interested in surgery who are giving various entrance exams. This has  questions of surgery in multiple choice format with answers and explanations.


Question 2. How are the questions arranged and how do I navigate it?

Answer:  You have to become a member at a nominal rate to see all questions. The new questions are added daily from random surgery topics and are then arranged topic wise at www.mcqsurgery.com/sitemap 


Question 3. How do I become a basic  member?

Answer  : There are two types of members. Basic (free) and premium (paid).

In basic membership some pages are free so that you can test the quality of questions, answers and explanations. You will get email updates about new questions asked in exams but most of them will be without answers and explanations.  An example of one such page is www.mcqsurgery.com/esophagus.  The links for other free pages are on the right sidebar on www.mcqsurgery.com

To be a basic member click here. Once you register here, you will get an email to change your password and login. If you do not get the email or are unable to change your password, mail directly to me at adam@mcqsurgery.com  or contact me through facebook (personal message) at www.facebook.com/surg.mcq

Question 4 . How do I become a premium member?

Answer : To be a premium member click here . If you are from outside India, you can simply click the paypal buttons and follow on screen instructions.

If you are from India, payment is through paytm, airtel money or NEFT bank transfer. You will need to contact me directly at adam@mcqsurgery.com or www.facebook.com/surg.mcq and I will manually update your account.

Question 5. What are the advantages and price of being a premium member?

Answer: You will be able to see all questions, their answers and explanations. Also you will join the premium whatsapp group for discussion of controversial questions, tips and help from other members etc. For pricing check www.mcqsurgery.com/prices

Question 6. What is the exact procedure of becoming premium member for Indians?


a) Make a basic account

b) Contact me and make the payment through paytm, airtel money or bank transfer

c) Once I get the payment, I will manually convert that basic account into premium

Question 7. I from outside India and I cant pay through paypal. Can I still become a premium member?

Answer:  Yes you can.There are certain countries where paypal payments are not working. People from these countries can become premium members by contacting me at adam@mcqsurgery.com

Question 8. How can I navigate the site topic wise?

Answer:  One way is by using the sitemap and other way is by checking the "categories" on right sidebar.

Question 9. How do I unsubscribe from the site

Answer:  Please go to https://www.mcqsurgery.com/account-3/

And use the unsubscribe button. You will be directed to your paypal account and can cancel from there

          For any other query reach out to at adam@mcqsurgery.com or www.facebook.com/surg.mcq


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