Small cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) – Surgical Oncology

MCQ Review of SCLC 


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Etiology of SCLC

  1. Smoking (97% cause) 

    Clinical Features

    Small cell carcinomas or SCLCs comprise slightly more than 10% of all lung cancers. 

SCLC is a highly aggressive malignancy

Patients usually have metastatic disease at the time of presentation.

Most patients relapse within the first 2 years after treatment and the
2-year survival rate is less than 10% in metastatic patients


Constitutional - Fatigue, weight loss, 

 Pumonary - Large central mass invading or compressing the mediastinum

                                   Superior vena cava obstruction has been 10% of patients with SCLC.

                                   Chest imaging  hilar and mediastinal adenopathy

3. Extra pulmonary- Hepatic and adrenal-  asymptomatic.

Brain metastases, 18% of patients often asymptomatic.

Bone involvement  asymptomatic osteolytic lesions

4. Paraneoplastic- SIADH, Cushing Syndrome, Hypercalcemia