Surgery for Gastric volvulus

Q)   Which is not an operative approach in  in gastric volvulus? ( Click for  more Questions on Stomach) 

a) Tanner

b) Opolzsr

c) Grey Ghimmenton

d) Gavrilu

Ans  d ) Gavrilu

Gavrilu is  trans-abdominal myotomy and antireflux procedure using a flap of greater curvature of stomach to be sutured over esophageal mucosa through a left subcostal incision

Division of gastro colic ligament and gastropexy is tanner

Splitting the meso colon and doing a gastropexy is grey ghimelton

Fundo antral gastrogastrostomy - opolzsr
Sabiston Textbook of Surgery: The Biological Basis of Modern Surgical Practice


There are two main types of gastric volvulus:

  1. Organo-axial volvulus: In this type, the stomach twists along its long axis, causing the stomach to rotate excessively. This type is often associated with conditions that result in an elongated stomach, such as diaphragmatic hernias or paraesophageal hernias.
  2. Mesentero-axial volvulus: This type involves the stomach twisting around its mesentery, a fold of tissue that connects the stomach to other organs. It is less common than organo-axial volvulus and can be associated with conditions that cause the stomach to be in an abnormally mobile position.

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