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Q) Tensile strength of monocryl lost in how many days?
A. Less than10 days.
B. 15- 20 days.
C. 30-45 days.
D. 45-60 days

Ans b  2 weeks

Bailey page 93

Monocryl has a low tissue reactivity, maintains high tensile strength, and has a half-life of 7 to 14 days.

At 1 week, its in vivo tensile strength is at 50–60% undyed (60–70% dyed), 20–30% undyed (30–40% dyed) at two weeks, and essentially completely hydrolyzed by 91–119 days

Q Vascular anastomosis, preferable suture material
A. Non-absorbable, elastic
B. Non-absorbable, non-elastic
C. Absorbable, elastic
D. Absorbable, non-elastic

Ans a, Non absorbable elastic


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