Choledochal cyst and malignancy

Q) Choledochal cyst  and malignancy false statement is  (AIIMS 2018 nov)

a) Highest risk of malignancy in Type 3

b) Malignancy can occur even after removal of choledochal cyst

c) Malignancy can occur anywhere in the biliary tract

d) It can take upto 15 years for malignancy to develop after excision of choledochal cyst



Choledochal cyst

Q) Which of the following statement is false about classification of choledochal cyst ?

a) Type IV is also known as Caroli's disease

b) Type I choledochal cyst is the most common type

c) Type III is also called as choledochocele

d) Type II choledochal cyst is diverticular disease

NEET  MCH 2018 Questions Q no. 71-75

Ans ) a

Original classification of choledochal cysts was given by Alonso Lej and later modified by Todani. 

Type I most common and and is fusiform dilatation

Type II saccular diverticulum

Type III dilatation in the intramural duodenum also called choledochocele

Type IV 

IVa Both intrahepatic and extrahepatic biliary tree

IV b Multiple extrahepatic biliary

Type V - Caroli disease

Intrahepatic ducts only can be single or multiple

Ref Sabiston page 1510