Colon Lymphoma

Q) True about lymphoma of the colon

a) MOre common in females

b) Most common in 3rd and 4th decade

c) Most common site is caecum

d) T cells are most commonly involved

Ans c

Lymphoma is uncommon in the colon/rectum occurring in 0.4% of patients; intestinal lymphoma and can present anywhere between the
second and eighth decades of life.

Most of these lesions are intermediate to high-grade B-cell lymphomas.

Affected men outnumber women about 1.5:1 

The majority of colorectal lymphomas are found in the cecum or ascending colon. More than 70% of colorectal lymphomas are proximal to the hepatic flexure. 


Colon Lymphoma

Q) . True about colonic lymphoma
A. Mostly T cell type
B. Most common in females
C. Most common site caecum
D. Common in 3rd and 4th decade

Answer C .

Colonic lymphoma are most commonly B-cell type, are more common in males, most common sight is Caecum and they are most common in sixth decade of life.

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