Diverticular disease of colon

Q) False about diverticular disease of colon is 

a) 10-20% of all diverticular disease of colon develop symptoms. Rest remain asymptomatic

b) Low fiber diet is implicated in etiology

c) Sigmoidoscopy is useful tool for evaluation of diverticulitis

d) Elective colectomy in uncomplicated diverticulitis is rare and forms only 1% of cases with diverticular disease

Traction diverticula

Q) What is true about traction diverticula of the esophagus?

a) It is a common diverticulum at the lower end of esophagus

b) Most  of these diverticula are symptomatic and require surgery

c) Mediastinal fibrosis is a common etiologial factor

d) They are most common on the left side

c) Mediastinal fibrosis

Traction diverticula  are formed from  pull from granulomatous inflammation from  surrounding , most commonly lymph nodes.

Mid esophagus on the right side 4-5 cm either side of carina. 


Mediastinal infections, tuberculosis, mediastinal fibrosis and histoplasmosis.

 True traction diverticula and have all the walls of esophagus.

Clinical Features

Asymptomatic but can present with dysphagia, chest pain and regurgitation.

Complications include bleeding or fistula formation with airway.

Surgical option - right  thoracotomy followed by excision of fistula and repair of esophagus in layers with correction of distal obstruction if present.