Hormones released from duodenum

 Q. Which of the following hormones are not released in duodenum?
a) Gastrin
b) Motilin
c) Somatostatin

d) Pancreatic YY

4. d
Peptide YY is released from ileum.

Gastrin - G cells stomach
Motilin- M cells from duodenum and jejunum
Somatostatin - D cells in pancreas, stomach and duodenum

Somatostain is an inhibitory hormone and inhibits most of the things

Secretin is released by acid in the duodenum and stimulates pancreatic fluid and bicarbonate secretion, leading to neutralization of acidic chyme in the intestine. Secretin also inhibits gastric acid secretion  and intestinal motility. LES pressure is decreased by Secretin, CCK, Somatostatin and VIP


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