Parkland formula

Q )  During fluid resuscitation in a burns patient using Parkland’s formula, volume of fluid given in first 8 hours is ?
A. 50%
B. 25 % 
C. 75 % 
D. 100 % 

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Ans a

The modified Parkland formula

TBSA% burn × weight (kg) × 4 = volume in mL
The first half is given in 8 hours and the second over 16 hours to complete the 24-hour resuscitation time frame.

Developed by Dr. Charles Baxter in the 1960s at the Parkland Memorial Hospital in Texas, this formula serves as a cornerstone in determining the initial fluid requirements to stabilize burn victims during the crucial early hours following injury.

Although the Parkland Formula offers a valuable framework for fluid resuscitation, it's important to note that individual patient variability, coexisting injuries, and evolving clinical conditions necessitate close monitoring and adjustment of the resuscitation plan. Over-resuscitation can lead to complications such as pulmonary edema, while under-resuscitation can result in inadequate tissue perfusion and organ failure.

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