Skin Grafting

Q) Skin Grafting is healing by 

a) Primary Intention

b) Secondary intention

c) Tertiary Intention

d) None of the above

Questions on Wound Healing

Ans c

Delayed primary closure, or tertiary intention, is utilised when there is a high probability of the wound being infected.

The wound is left open for a few days and, provided any infective process has resolved, the
wound is closed to heal by primary intention.

Skin grafting is another form of tertiary intention healing

Healing by Primary Intention

Q)What is  false regarding the healing by  primary intention? ( # Gen surgery Wound Healing

A)Wound edges opposed.

B)Normal healing.

C)Usually done for dirty wounds

D)Minimal scar.


Primary intention,

Healing by primary intention is also known as healing by the first intention this occurs when there is an opposition of the wound edges

Secondary Intention

Healing occurs when the wound edges are not opposed immediately, which may be necessary for contaminated or untidy wounds.

Primary intention,

  • Would edges opposed
  • Normal healing.
  • Minimal scar.

Secondary intention,

  • Would leave open.
  • Heals by granulation, contraction and epithelialisation.
  • Increased inflammation and proliferation.
  • Poor scar.