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98 questions in total

60 GI Surgery and 38 general Surgery

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1. 1.Accentuation of breath and cardiac sounds through abdominal wall seen in ruptured abdominal viscus is termed as


2. 2. Most frequent CT observation in Pseudomembranous colitis is


3. Q )Indications for Surgery in Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage are all except


4. Video Capsule Endoscopy, True is


5. True regarding Bariatric surgery is


6. False statement regarding peritoneum / Peritoneal cavity is


7. Low SAAG ascites seen in all except


8. True statement regarding Retroperitoneal abscess is


9. Q) Indications for esophagectomy in an Achalasia cardia patient are all except


10. All are true among the following statement except


11. All are true regarding caustic injuries of esophagus except


12. True statement regarding esophagus surgery complications


13. Q) Identify the false statement among the following in management practices  in Ca Esophagus


14. The final common pathway of acid secretion by parietal cells involves which of the following?


15. Which of the following clinical conditions is not associated with delayed gastric emptying


16. Regarding gastric volvulus, which of the following statements is true?


17. During an operation for a bleeding duodenal ulcer, three-point “U” stitches are placed to ligate which of the following arteries after longitudinal pyloroduodenotomy


18. Cryptidins are secreted by


19. All are absorbed by active transport in the proximal small bowel EXCEPT


20. All are true statements about small bowel obstruction EXCEPt


21. All are used for treatment of long strictures in crohn’s disease EXCEPT


22. Of the secretory products of carcinoid tumors which among the following is a tachykinin


23. Initial treatment of choice in small intestinal lymphoma


24. All the following are accepted radioprotective agents to prevent radiation enteritis EXCEPt


25. Q) Most common complication of jejunal diverticula


26. Q) True statements regarding laparoscopic splenectomy






27. Q) True regarding abscess of the spleen are all EXCEPT



28. Q) All are true statements about appendix except






29. Q) Appendicular carcinoids, false is






30. Q) After emergency splenectomy following blunt abdominal trauma who is having an uneventful recovering in the ward. Which among the following vaccine is to be administered in the immediate postop period?






31. Q ) Whitehead deformity is






32. Q) The marginal artery of Drummond is present and complete in what percentage of people?


33. Q) Which of the following is the primary energy source for colonocytes?


34. Q) Haggitt classification for polyps, which of the following statements is not true?






35. Q) All of the following statements regarding C. difficile are true except:






36. Q) All are true about pancreas anatomy except






37. Q) True regarding Pancreas divisum





38. Q) The most common CT finding in chronic pancreatitis is:






39. Q) False regarding Pancreatic solid pseudopapillary tumor






40. Q) Following is unresectable in CA  pancreas  as per NCCN criteria






41. Q) Most common primary to metastasize to pancreas which is most amenable for surgical resection


42. Q) Post ERCP pancreatitis, True is









43. Q) False regarding PSC associated IBD & Colorectal cancer





44. Q) Type IIIA biliary injury True is






45. Q) False among the following regarding Choledochal cyst





46. Q) Patient underwent a straight forward laparoscopic cholecystectomy for symptomatic gallstones, diagnosed to have incidental Carcinoma Gallbladder HPE reported as tumor involving muscle layer with CECT showing a large necrotic interaortocaval node. Next step


47. Q) First physician to describe the essential anatomy of the blood vessels of the liver


48. Q False statement among the following


49. Q_ A liver cirrhosis patient with CTP-A with morbid obesity needs bariatric surgery. Which among the following is the procedure of choice?


50. Q) True statement about hydatid liver  is


51. Q) False statement about liver adenoma  is


52. Q) Initial primary survey of the chest commonly identifies the following causes of cardio respiratory compromise, except:






53. Q) Which of the following is not an independent indication for laparotomy following trauma?






54. Q) A 47-year-old perimenopausal woman presents with a 3-week history of green discharge from the right nipple. On examination, the right nipple is non-tender, has a ‘slit-like’ appearance and is retracted. The most likely diagnosis is:


55. Q) an elderly patient in clinic has a positive Buerger’s test. From the list of options below, select the most likely reason for a positive Buerger’s test.


56. Q) The renal arteries arise at intervertebral level:






57. Q) Which of the following vessels contributes to the blood supply of the prostate gland?


58. Q) All of the following statements regarding Peyronie’s disease are true, except:



59. Q) All of the following statements regarding carcinoma of the penis are true, except:





60. Q) A patient with blunt trauma abdomen has hematoma in zone 3 secondary to pelvic fracture bleeding, with a fall in Hemoglobin and persisting tachycardia. Next step is



61. Q) A 70 year old male with severe sudden onset central abdominal pain, malena, tachycardia. His blood pressure is 132/94 mmHg and temperature is 38.1°C. Abdominal examination reveals soft but distended and tender abdomen with no audible bowel sounds. Most likely diagnosis?


62. Q) All are indications for urgent thoracotomy except?





63. Q) Indication for blood transfusion in patients who are not actively bleeding, not about to undergo major surgery and are not symptomatic is


64. Q) Which of the following pathogens are not eradicated by alcohol-based hand gels?


65. Q) Which of the following statement is not true regarding day case surgery?


66. Q) Which of the following acronyms are not associated with publications in surgery?



67. Q) Which of the following statements are true except?





  1. Which of the following statements is false?

69. Q) Composition of University of Wisconsin (UW) solution are all except


70. Q) False statement among the following is





71. Q) which among the following procedure is prone for maximum bacteremia in an immunocompetent individual






72. Q) Triangulation technique of vascular anastomosis given by





73. Q) Safe anastomosis [low risk for leakage] among the following is






74. Q) All the following are unfavourable fistula to heal except






75. Q) Thunder beat S™ false is






76. Q) Sucking chest wound’ False is






77. Q) False among the following regarding day care surgery





78. Q) Quantity of calcium in Hartman’s solution?


79. Q) Frozen section all are disadvantages except



80. Q) Drains put in to cover perioperative bleeding like in thyroidectomy patients may usually be removed after


81. Q) Suture size for femoral artery anastomosis  is



82. Q) False regarding ascariasis




83. Q) Type IIIc Nyhus hernia is




84. Q) First Ileostomy was done by


85. Q) Following is not an antipseudomonal





86. Q) Supermicrosurgery False is


87. Q) Least common type of Esophageal atresia among the following


88. Q) True about Splenic artery aneurysm



89. Q) Not a risk factor of thromoembolism after surgery


90. Q) Which of the following is not a nutritional consequence of gastrectomy


91. Q) True about pancreas divisum is 


92. Q) Least common feature in appendictis is


93. Q) Not associated with myelomeningocele


94. Q) Ischemia Reperfusion injury does not lead to


95. Q) Not true about the principles of Harmonic scalpel?


96. Q) Best prognosis in carcinoma gall bladder is seen in which pathological variant?


97. Q) Smoking reduces wound healing by all the ways except


98. Quadruple therapy in acute rejection includes



99. 1.Accentuation of breath and cardiac sounds through abdominal wall seen in ruptured abdominal viscus is termed as


100. 1.Accentuation of breath and cardiac sounds through abdominal wall seen in ruptured abdominal viscus is termed as


101. Indications for Surgery in Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage are all except


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