Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative  Colitis from MCQ point of view


Discussing Important points of Ulcerative  Colitis asked in exams


disease of the rich and developed countries

Seasonal relapses between aug and Jan

Peak 30 yrs and 60 years

Both genders are equally involved

Causes of Ulcerative colitis (Question that can be asked is which is protective) 

Infectious agents, including C. difficile and Campylobacter jejuni, but not confirmed

Inadequate fibre diet, again not confirmed

OCP use


Very Important Smoking is protective and so is h/o appendicectomy (MCQ) 

Gross Pathology

Rectum always involved, goes to mucosa and submucosa, not muscularis

Ulcerations are continuous unlike skip lesions in Crohn

Pseudopolyps and inflamatory polyps are present

Malignant stricture appear later in the course of ulcerative colitis (60% after 20 years versus 0% before 10 years); location proximal to the splenic flexure (86% malignant); and large bowel obstruction caused by the stricture

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