Wound Healing

NEET SS Questions General Surgery- Wound Healing ( 14 QUestions) 

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Q 1 Scar constriction is facilitated by ? 
A. Myofibroblasts
B. Neutrophils
C. Granuloma formation
D. Macrophages

Ans a Myofibroblasts

In the later stages fibroblasts  convert into myofibroblasts which  have a contractile phenotype and therefore help in contracting the wound. Immature fibroblasts, though able to adhere to the ECM, do not have this ability.

Q) Longest phase of wound healing
A.  Inflamatory
B   Haemostasis
C. Regeneration
D. Remodeling

Ans D 

Remodeling is the  Longest phase of the healing process and may last up to one year (or longer). During this phase fibroblasts become
differentiated (myofibroblasts) and these facilitate wound contraction. Collagen fibres are remodeled. Microvessels regress
leaving a pale scar.

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