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Gen Onco 1-20

Q 21) Which of the following statement regarding yttrium 90 is incorrect:
a. Used for brachytherapy
b. Is a pure beta emitter with range of 1 cm
c. Most commonly used for treatment of ca prostate
d. Used in treatment of both primary and metastatic liver cancer through hepatic artery embolization

Answer: 21) C ref devita page 212.

Iodine 125 and pallidium 103 are commonly used for prostate.

All other choices are true

Q22) Radial scar is seen on 
A. Mammography findings
B. MRI findings
C. Fracture of radius
D. Fracture of ulna

Ans 22 a Mammography

Radial scar, or complex sclerosing lesion, is a rosette-like proliferative breast lesion. It is not related to surgical scarring.

A radial scar is a benign hyperplastic proliferative disease of the breast. Proposed possible causes include localized inflammatory reaction and chronic ischemia with subsequent slow infarction.

In approximately 30% of cases, a radial scar is associated with ductal carcinoma in situ and tubular carcinoma of the breast


Q23 ) A cancer patient with 4cm lung mass in CT scan undergoes neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Following which the mass size has reduced to 3 cm size and scan shows no disease elsewhere . What type of response ?

a. Complete response
b. Partial response
c. Stable disease
d. No response

Ans c Stable response

partial response (PR) (>50% reduction)

 stable disease (SD) is less than <25% change

progressive disease (PD) (>25% increase). 

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