Aiims onco surgery 2019

Q1)  RHOMboid flap is a type of

A) rotation flap
B) free flap
C) transposition

Ans - c

Q2 ) Blue round cell is seen in all except
A) wilms
B) osteosarcoma
C) Ewing
D) neuroblastoma

Ans b

Small cell osteosarcoma is a dd of small round blue cell, rest all are round cell tumours.

Q3) Shamblin classification is for

Ans Carotid body tumor

Q4. Anti-inflammatory interleukin

Q5) Recurrent lymph node in neck in differentiated thyroid cancer. How to proceed
a) Surgery again
B) Radio iodine

Ans a surgery

In the case of progressive nodal disease a selective neck dissection should be performed to remove all structurally apparent disease. This approach prevents unnecessary interventions, which may result in upstaging, increased morbidity and adversely affect quality of life

When gross structural disease is evident and a unilateral/bilateral paratracheal and superior mediastinal dissection is indicated

An alternative to surgery or observation of recurrent nodal disease is ultrasound-guided percutaneous ethanol ablation, few institutions in North America and Europe, the most prominent being the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, practice this less conventional method.

Q6. Nerve injury leading to winging of scapula

Q7. 70 year old smoker, with right parotid swelling, histopath- lymphocytic  stroma with oncocytes and proteinaceous background

What is the diagnosis

a) Oncocytoma

b) Warthin tumor

c) Pleomorphic adenoma

d) Mucoepidermoid

Q8) Nerve injury in winging of scapula

A) long thoracic nerve